Hello and Welcome to My Wild Life!


For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the natural world. As a child I lived in a house with a garden that backed onto farmland and woodland. My dad had a vegetable patch which I liked to help him with. There were badgers and bats and foxes and hedgehogs and all the good things a childhood spent in the great outdoors can offer. I would watch the ants, run away from the bees, shell the peas and make the snapdragons talk.

I come from a family with roots deeply planted in the Wiltshire soil. My great-grandfather had been a professional gardener and every line on his weather-worn face gave him the impression of being of the earth. I was taught folklore and fable, history and archaeology and I felt a great sense of place.

There was nothing contrived about my childhood. My dad had a vegetable patch because it genuinely helped to feed us. I played outside because there was little else to do. We went on walks and told stories because they were free. The natural world doesn't care who you are; if you embrace it, it will reward you.

I now live in the Scottish Borders and have the good fortune to spend a lot of my time exploring my local area and looking after my garden. I believe that, whatever your particular interest, connecting with the natural world will help you to connect with something bigger and better than yourself. If only you can take the time to find it, the beauty that surrounds you is humbling and inspiring. 


Through My Wild Life I hope to explore and celebrate the wide variety of subjects - united by the natural world - which interest me. I am just as fascinated by the cobwebs on my windows as I am by the open countryside. I have access to the city, the coast, woodland, farmland, gardens, rivers and hills and I am inspired by them all. 

I hope that you will enjoy coming with me as I seek to explore My Wild Life.